Friday, August 9, 2013

Seven Quick Takes...

Seven Quick Takes again this Friday with Jen.

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 227)

1.  I finally, and by finally I mean I started in March, finished Interior Castle this week.  Impressive, I know. I made myself finish, although I wanted to put it down many times.  There is just something about some of the saints' writing that I can't quite understand (above my head?  yes).  However, this week I read the very last chapter, and while I was never singing the book's praises (for my taste), I am now.  Get a load of this...

"Fix your eyes on the Crucified and nothing else will be of much importance to you."

"If His Majesty revealed His love to us by doing and suffering such amazing things, how can you expect to please Him by words alone?  Do you know when people really become spiritual?  It is when they become the slaves of God and are branded with His sign, which is the sign of the Cross, in token that they have given him their freedom   Then He can sell them as slaves to the whole world, as He Himself was sold, and if He does this He will be doing them no wrong but showing them no slight favour.  Unless they resolve to do this, they need not expect to make great progress.  For the foundation of this whole edifice, as I have said, is humility, and if you have not true humility, the Lord will not wish it to reach any great height: in fact, it is for your own good that it should not; if it did, it would fall to the ground.  Therefore, sisters, if you wish to lay good foundations, each of you must try to be the least of all, and the slave of God, and must seek a way and means to please and serve all your companions.  If you do that, it will be of more value to you than to them and your foundation will be so firmly laid that your Castle will not fall."

2.  My friend, Tiffany, sent me this link yesterday.

If you are a mom to boys, you must read it.  Especially if your boys look like this:

3.  Speaking of boys, my oldest is pushing me to my very limits this week.  He cries if I forget to let him turn on the light (or do anything he normally does), is getting out of bed at night again and keeping the other boys from getting enough sleep, is being really rough with Peter and told me he'd shoot me if I didn't give him a sucker this week (a cowboy thing?). The shooting thing is just funny, with his big pop gun in hand, but I think we're all tired after a busy summer.  Patience, Momma, patience.

4.  Jeremy's birthday is this week, and we ordered these:

Ulitmate S'mores

I have never tried them, but we have s'mores, cookies and cream, German chocolate, carrot cake, red velvet and blackout coming our way.  Yum!

5.  I signed up for a scarf swap! 
Check it out here.
Doesn't it sound like fun?  You should sign up, too!

6.  My sister got me one of these Saint Benedict bracelets while we were together:
Benedictine Blessing Bracelet (silver medals)

Then I looked up their website when I returned home.  They have some really neat things.  Check out My Saint, My Hero.

7.  One of the boys' best buds (a few years older) had a birthday this week.  Hope it was the happiest, Sean!

That was a stretch for seven.  For more fun takes, don't forget to head on over to Conversion Diary!


  1. Thanks for the saint link - wow, great stuff, Britt!

  2. Wow, what great quotes from the book! I struggle reading the Saints---like A LOT--but when you get stuff like that out of them, it makes me remember why I do it. Love the birthday picture. So glad that you liked the article! :)