Friday, August 23, 2013

7 Quick Takes...

Joining Jen this Friday for a hodge podge of...
7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 228)

1.  Carter and Peter love a sprinkler. 
 ^^^sumo style - also want to point out that these two weigh the same.
 They are so easily entertained at this age and I love, love, love seeing /hearing them play and giggle together.

2.  Boys will be boys.
In the middle of their sprinkler running, Carter spotted a frog.  Carter (I thought) can be a bit squeamish. However, in picture detail, he marched right up to the frog and made a new best friend...
 ^^^Peter loved him from a distance.

3.  Fall is just around the corner.
It might be my favorite season, and it was cool enough one morning this week to wear a long-sleeved top. Cool enough for about 3 hours.
^^^I have practically lived in these shorts all summer.  Top ~ Madewell.  Shorts ~ Lilly Pulitzer.

4.  We are taking Peter to a pediatric allergist next week.
He's had a rash on his face for two months that flares up on and off, and had a bad case of hives a few months ago.  So, we're just going to check a few things out.  Anyone have any advice for getting your baby through allergy testing?

5.  I am so thankful I was able to experience St. Mary's at Texas A&M.
I read this article this week and love knowing that Texas A&M is about as Catholic of a public university as you can get!

6. We will be frequenting our local park a lot less in the near future.
Because one of these has been prowling around.

Supposedly, they have a really large territory.  Maybe that's why my dog's hair was standing on end when we went for a walk this week.

7.  This little man is already eight months old.
and I love him more each day.

Have a blessed weekend, and don't forget to get your fill of "takes" at Jen's place!


  1. Love the sprinkler pictures! Do not love frogs. Wile leaving my house barefoot at 5 this morning, I stepped on one. Just about had a heart attack.

  2. WHAT? Mountain lions on the prowl? You better buy monopoly and some powerful door locks. You 5 are staying inside.

  3. Love the sprinkler fun and your outfit (as always :))! Can't wait till we have a yard so I can let the boys run loose! And, where'd you get those cute sandles?

  4. The sprinkler pictures.... Oh I love them so much.

    And YOU are one hot mama!!! Love the outfit. You look adorbs, as per your usual.


  5. Yay! A picture of Peter smiling! And don't worry too much about mountain lions. We used to live in mountain lion territory and never saw one (there was a den about 100 yards from our house). Although they were nearby, they're real loners - they won't go where there are lots of people unless they're really in trouble themselves. Just don't go into the lonely wilderness by yourself (or with kids).

  6. Love that your kids run around in underwear and diapers. Ours live in that for the summer and I was beginning to feel a bit self conscious about it. :) Scary about the mountain lion though.