Monday, August 5, 2013

Quotes from the Kiddos...

Before the quotes get underway, I'd like you to see the zucchini that went unnoticed in our garden (and the goofy pose to accompany it)...
 Six ans a half loaves of zucchini bread later, we are set!

When I returned from Chicago, Carter had a few things to say:
Carter: Oh Mom, I been missin' you!  I thought, I want my Momma back, and you did come back!! If you decided to go to Amalillo (Amarillo, where I flew out) eber again, I will (long pause) take all the tires off your car!  Please don't ever loose me again.

The next day...
Carter: Oh Momma, I still glad you are home!

Carter and Peter eat suckers (and everything else) a bit differently.  Carter can make a DumDum last for three days.  Peter chews it (like his Momma).  Carter looked on the table where he had left his DumDum in tact, and all that was there was a stick...
Carter: Oh no!!!  Where is my sucker????
Peter (coming around the corner with blue spit dripping from his mouth), opens his mouth full of sucker in Carter's face and says: Suhta????
Another sucker incident that day left Peter with a buzz cut.

I was taking some zucchini bread to a woman who lost her husband.  Carter asked if she was sick, and I said that she was not sick but sad.  After thinking awhile about it he said...
Carter: Oh! I bet she saw a pider!!  OR a nake!!!
Funny what they think others may be sad about.

Sean came to see us (well, maybe more people that us), and he brought the boys a toy truck. On the back of the packaging, there were the other trucks in the "series."
Carter: Oh Sean!  Tank you for dis no plow!  Next time you tome, I would like the tanker truck.
Nothing like honesty.

Another person there was helping Peter play with his "ca-er-pillar" tractor.
Carter: HEY!  Dat's Peter's tractor!
Me: Carter, do not talk to people that way.  It is nice to share.
Carter: Yes, it is nice to share, but dat is Peter's tractor!

I brought the boys some gummies from Chicago.  After lunch one day last week, I gave Carter and Peter one, and then I gave Jeremy an Army man gummy (cute, I thought).  After Carter gobbled his up...
Carter: Hey Dad, I see your gummy.
Dad:  Yes, it's mine.
Carter: Oh! Well...can I at least have a foot, or a knee, or someping like dat?

The boys were watching a cartoon about Juan Diego and afterwards, I saw Carter grab a paper bag out of the pantry and go outside.  In about ten minutes, he came in, with a bag of flowers fresh-picked from the flower garden and said:
Carter: LOOK! Just like Juan Diego!


  1. You, dear friend, are just gorgeous! And what Carter did after watching the Juan Diego cartoon is absolutely precious! Love it! PS Would love to know how the conference went!!?? :D

  2. Haha..."Can I just have a knee or a foot or something like that?" Sounds reasonable to me!


  3. This cracks me up! I LOVE Carter's eyes in the last pic!