Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Here Come the Cattle

We have just a few cattle in our front pasture these days, and their water tank is right outside our yard.  I grabbed a quick picture of one of the calves we're keeping in the family as a bull.

^^^with his mom.

Part of the beauty of returning home to raise children is having cousins return to the area, too.  My sweet cousin brought two of her kiddos over yesterday to enjoy brunch and play time.
 ^^^the boys climbing their fort to watch the cattle come into the pens.
 ^^^waving them in.

^^^one can never have too many cousins...especially when they are as close as brothers.

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  1. My husband grew up with all his cousins as next-door neighbors, so they were like brothers and sisters to him. I never even saw most of my cousins until I was an adult and 2 of them I've never seen and am not even sure of their names (family feuds on my mom's side). What a blessing that your kids get to live near their cousins!