Monday, October 13, 2014

The Pumpkin Patch & A Fall Decor Link-Up

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If any of you have been to my home, you know I don't do much in terms of seasonal decorations.  Except maybe Christmas.  Sure, I change a few things here and there, but for the most part the house looks the same all year round.  And, if I do anything different, it's usually very simple.  Enter pumpkins for Fall decor.

Mom, the kids, and I took a trip to the pumpkin patch last week.  It was supposed to happen the week before, but the weather turned yucky, so we rescheduled.  This is the best pumpkin patch ever.  Here, you load up in a wagon and head to the fields with your pair of pruners and rows upon rows of pumpkins on the vine.

The boys all hopped in the wagon (you can barely see the top of John Paul's head...
 ...and Elley got quite the workout.

Soon enough, the boys were out of the wagon and in search of the perfect pumpkin(s).

It was so fun to see how far they've come in a year and how they enjoyed actually cutting the pumpkins off the vine all by themselves (Carter and Peter anyway). 

John Paul was content pulling the wagon.

And, Sophie held tight to me (for a few minutes). 

Elley made sure John Paul collected quite a few itty bitty ones. 

We had to make several trips to the car to unload. 

They even had a stack of hay bales, decorated with pumpkins for photo ops. 

I'm guessing some people get better pictures out of it, ha! 

You see all kinds.

When we got home and unloaded all of our findings, I took a few inside for the dining room table. 

Plus, I have a couple of iron pumpkins next to the hearth. 

They rest are outside, sitting peacefully on the bench... 

...or old church pew. 

They last there for a few minutes before they are used in a game of dodge ball, bowling, or soccer.  And you wonder why I don't invest more in pretty decor?!

How do you liven up your home for Fall?  Link up with us here!


  1. Love your decorations. We can't wait to go to our local pumpkin patch.

  2. Awww making memories....and the plaid shirts --- LOVE!!!

  3. We need to get over to the pumpkin patch! Looks like so much fun!


  4. What a fun day finding pumpkins. Love the the kids outfits, those cowboy boots, so cute.

  5. I love that your kids get such a fun experience finding the perfect pumpkin! Here in Florida, you get your choice between the Methodist church parking lot or Walmart... With 4 littles 5 and under, we've already lost 2 basketballs - uh, pumpkins - so far in 2 days. I hear you about holding off with other decorations until the kids aren't so destructive. :)

  6. Awesome pumpkin patch! Looks so fun!!

  7. Your photos are absolutely amazing!!! The colors and the lighting, just perfect. I loved your pumpkin patch adventure! I'll have to link up my decor once I get it all out tonight! :) Happy October!

    1. Thank you so much Janet! It was the perfect day for it, really. Not too hot, and we had the place all to ourselves. Cannot wait for you to link up!

  8. Love your trip to the pumpkin patch and all your photos. We have yet to go but hopefully soon! Also, I linked-up :) woohoo! Excited to join!

  9. Lol at how they end up in a game of dodge ball! ;)

  10. Your photos are gorgeous! Just looking at them puts me in a festive mood. :-) I spent the day decorating and added my link, with 30 minutes to spare. ;-) Thanks for hosting!