Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My First Photo Session: Kyle & Andy

I think I've said this (maybe a thousand times) but I'm toying with the idea of doing a little photography on the side.  So, my cousins needed updated pictures and let me practice on them.  We had a blast!

They're gorgeous.  Period
And, they live where my grandmother grew up.  
They are two of the most thoughtful, selfless people I know!

And, they have a beautiful marriage.

Plus, there are a few lovely cats around the place they take care of.  Really, these two take care of everyone.

They are always laughing together...
 ...and truly enjoying the beauty in this life.

We come from a long line of ranchers, and it's a way of life that we still love.

Especially when you can close your day seeing Him in things so clearly.
 Thank you, Kyle and Andy.


  1. These are amazing. Just amazing.

  2. Beautiful pictures, made even more beautiful by knowing a little something about the subjects. Great job!

  3. Britt, these are amazing! Wish I could snag you to do a photoshoot for us!

  4. Stunning! The beauty of them all, the couple, the land.

  5. I wish we lived closer together. I would hire you in a heartbeat!

  6. Beautiful photos! Great job Britt!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Maggie! Hey, will you send me your email address sometime? Mine is britt.fisk@gmail.com