Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Fun Trip that Kind of Wasn't

This past weekend, we were going to Amarillo to see one of Jeremy's friends who would be in town for the weekend.  At the last minute, we decided to load the kids up a day early and run a few errands, do a couple of fun things, and spend the night in a hotel -- seeing Jeremy's friend the next day.  It all started out well enough.  

The boys missed their naps.  Which isn't always a huge deal (if it doesn't happen very often).  We ran some errands and then went out to eat (on a patio, thank goodness).  All was okay until the boys went to ride the mechanical horse afterward, and John Paul decided he was afraid of it.  Scream-his-head-off afraid.  It wouldn't have been so bad had I not already taken a crying Sophie to the car and left Jeremy with all three boys to ride the scary horse.

We got that fixed and went to the hotel.  We found a room.  The hotel didn't have a pool.  Well, they did, but it was outside, too cold, and I purposefully didn't bring their swim gear.  Disappointment set in.  PBS cartoons to the rescue.  In a matter of hours was Mass, and they needed a little down time. Jumping on the bed doesn't really count, so we learned.

We arrived at Mass, and the cry room was under construction.  Sophie started crying before Mass even began, so to the hall I went.  Jeremy was left with the napless boys.  To say they were a little high strung is an understatement.  What if I told you they came out of the sanctuary to find me yelling that they "needed to use the restroom in a hurry!"?  Cue stress.

We made it to the end by the grace of God and headed to grab dinner for the park which we promised.  We ate and then ventured to the playground equipment.  Picture a little boy (well, maybe six years old) running up to Carter to ask if he could play.  Now picture Carter growling (yes, growling) at him and running the other way.  (Carter never does this!).  Then steps in good ol' Mom to let Carter know he will say hello to that little boy or we will go back to the hotel.  Picture said mom saying that maybe another five times with no action.  Okay, time to back it up.  I grabbed his hand (and Peter's) while I had no clue where JP was hiding and left Sophie in her stroller for Jeremy to hopefully grab) and headed to the car.

Now imagine the worst digging-your-heels-in screaming and crying that is coupled with intermittent cries of "I don't wanna go home!"  I pick him up with one arm (Peter in the other), and he begins to kick as well.  I finally make the trek to the car with all eyes on us, and set him down to put Peter in. Guess who tries to run away.  I catch him pretty quickly, buckle him in, see that Jeremy is bringing the other two, and try with all of my might to calmly get in the car myself.  He screams the entire way back to the hotel.  Situation is taken care of when we get to the hotel while Jeremy and I are questioning every parenting move we've ever made.

Night comes.  I'm squished between two boys and Jeremy is with the little ones in the other room of the suite.  At one point Peter cannot find his "neigh-neigh" - then Carter screams (half asleep) that he wants to sleep alone.  Morning comes quickly, and the trip turns around.

To Mimi and Pops' we go.

There, they can fish in the grass, play with those who love them so, and re-charge.

Where is Carter in these pictures?  Here.  Adding a little humor to the weekend.

We learned a lot (mostly things we've learned before and forgotten).  But, kids (at least ours) don't need long days of planned "fun."  Yes, they need to be stretched here and there.  Yet, what we think might be fun for them isn't always.  And, they get tired.  And, they will be kids.  And...they'll always have a funny way of showing us where we need the most work.

My area...patience.  Among many others.

As we left town, we ran by Barnes and Nobel to get a book.  A little boy approached Carter there and asked to play.  I watched.  He said, "Hello, my name is Carter.  You can play!"  Then, he looked over to me and exclaimed, "Momma!  I did the right thing."

Yes, little boy.  Yes, you did.


  1. Oh bless your heart, I laughed all the way through this. I'm so sorry...I know it must have been so frustrating. By the way, Sophie is getting so dang big!

  2. Oh I laughed and laughed, too. I'm so sorry. I think one of the funniest parts is terrified John Paul on that horse-- kid who catches frogs with his bare hands. I am so sorry it was crazy, but I think you and Jeremy are such. Great parents:)

  3. loved this! And this is why some folks are cut out to be great parents and some of us...well...just aren't ;)

  4. I never thought I'd say this, but I MISS those days!!! LOL! (My hubs would think I'm mad for writing those words ;)

  5. Oh Britt. We are right there with you. I cringed as I read this because I feel like I've lived this exact experience. Funny how these boys have a way of keeping us on our knees :)

  6. Awwww, I loved the ending, where Carter agrees to play like that. :) Parenting is HARD work... and you are doing so great!!!

  7. I love your honesty about parenting. It's a breeze of fresh air amongst the many blogs that only seem to display the picture perfect moments!

    1. Thank you, Daphne! Sometimes I worry I post too much of the craziness ;) Thanks for commenting!

  8. I feel you! We had one of thoooose Masses two weekends ago. It. was. in.sane. Eli cried the entire Mass with Troy in the cryroom, in the narthex, in church, and outside. The boy was not happy (I think he's cutting his 2yo molars. The teeth. Always, the teeth!). Love you, friend!