Friday, October 31, 2014

Letting go of their Little Ones

It's that time again.  Time when we almost don't have to use our sound machines to sleep because of the hum of the calves bawling outside.  They are crying for their mommas who are just across the fence.  Yet, they will never be together again.
That paragraph paints it to be the most devastating thing.  I never looked at it that way until I was a mom.  Yet, I must remind myself that these are not humans, and I'm going to stick with the idea that they don't think quite like we do.
Plus, this is our way of life.  This is what allows me to stay home with my little ones.  This is how it works.  The cows have calves every Spring; and every Fall, those calves are weaned, giving the already-pregnant-again-mommas the chance to nourish the little calves inside.

In a few days time, the mommas and calves will not be standing on either side of the fence anymore. Typically the mommas go first.  Yet, it isn't a first time for them...just for their babies.  It happens every October.  Then, the calves seem to get used to their new lives, and the bawling ends.
Having them right out of our back door serves as a constant reminder of the bond between moms and children...really, moms of any kind.  I'm just so incredibly thankful that I get to have these little ones under my wing for more than six months.

I don't think I'd do too well with this kind of weaning.


  1. That is always just a little heartbreaking, isn't it? My in-laws have cattle- they usually get little ones from ranches in Montana and Wyoming- truck loads of little guys who've never been away from their mommas. The first few days on the farm for them are always very noisy. I have to remind myself that they're not human, too. And my father-in-law rolls his eyes just a little when I call them "sweet, sad babies." ;)

  2. I love these glimpses into ranch life. My mom was raised in Nebraska, and for the longest time, I wanted to be a farmer "when I grew up" because of her small-town, agricultural upbringing. Looking at your photos and hearing your stories makes those feelings return!

  3. Love this because of how it pulls at my own heartstrings. And I love to see a glimpse into your life on the ranch.