Monday, March 24, 2014

The Weekend

We had a fun-filled weekend.  Friday night, our local community had its premier of 50 to 1, and we went to support my grandfather, dressed up like for the Derby.  I don't know who had more or the kids who got to stay up late with the babysitter watching movies with their sweet cousins!

We had a beautiful shower for my cousin whose wedding is quickly approaching, then Mass and a Sunday of catching up and resting.  Earlier in the week, we discovered that our water faucet outside was busted, so Jeremy and the boys decided to start tackling that project.

As you can see, their wheel barrow and excavator have been a huge help in the process...

John Paul decided that napping wasn't in his plans, so while the big boys were sleeping, he took over Peter's chair and pretended to watch TV.  Whatever it takes :)

And there you have it...the weekend recap!


  1. Boys and there toys haha! Sounds like a wonderful fun filled weekend!

  2. I love that you guys got all dressed up to go see the movie! Was your grandpa super proud of his line??

  3. Pretended to watch TV!!! I love it!