Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sickness and Funny Things

Well it's been a week (plus a few days) of sick kiddos.  They all have had respiratory viruses which have lead to ear infections, terrible coughs and runny noses.  And, they've all changed personalities, ha!  Isn't that the way it goes when you're sick though?  It just so happens that those evil twin personalities are lasting a bit longer in some of them.  

Carter woke up coughing and I'm guessing couldn't breathe great one night around 11:30 pm and was screaming, "I have a tewible sickness" over and over again.  In the days following, we heard everything from, "Only a movie will feel me better" to "No one is as sick as me" and "I can only have gummies (rather than normal food)."

Hmm.  Then the space between the nose and lips got chapped and well, he might as well have been dying (both he and Peter).  As soon as that snotty nose would drip on the chapped part, there were screams of near death.  But, according to Peter, "Nuffing is helping" even Vicks infused Kleenex.

John Paul finally quit screaming every waking minute and stopped clawing at my legs to be picked up 24/7. Carter is showing minimal glimpses of his old, sweet self.  And, Peter has a few more days before he stops being a grump (if he follows suit).  All in all, we're at a pretty good point and will be back to normal soon!

We have had a few activities to keeps minds busy and on something besides noses and throats.  Sunday we made Pops a giant birthday card...

I even scattered a few fruit snacks around the kitchen to keep John Paul entertained.  But he's getting quicker, so it only buys a few minutes.

And we pulled out the Hungry Hungry Hippos we were saving for a rainy day.  With winds at 50 mph, dust making the area past our yard hardly visible and sick kids, it was basically a rainy day.
In other news, they have said a few funny things lately...

When I heard Peter burp and asked if he burped so he could say, "Excuse me, " he got a dimpled grin and exclaimed, "No!  It was a fwog in my mouf!"

This one wasn't so funny, but I took Carter and Peter to Mass alone and sat downstairs.  They kept whispering and Carter asked over and over what some red thing was.  I couldn't see what he was pointing to but finally discovered it was the crown of thorns.  I told him what it was (we had just watched a kids' movie about it the night before).  I also told him to be quiet.  Then he came back with, "If I ask you again, are you going to push it into my head?" Yikes.  That's what happened in the movie.  But, maybe I need to be a bit gentler?

There's always something to learn. 


  1. First off, I love that you let your kid eat off the floor. I seriously believe that's a sign of good parenting. Second...."Nuffing is helping." Poor sweet Peter! (I mean poor sweet your whole family, but you know he's my little soul mate!

  2. I'm sorry they've all been so sick! Hopefully it will pass soon! Also -- I love the pics of John Paul eating the snacks off the floor. They're so cute, and I love the idea of such a thing. But to allow it myself, I'd have to actually wash my floor once in a while...

  3. ha, ha! Your boys and their little sayings crack me up and always bring a smile to my face! :) And I have to agree with Tiffany's comment... I too think that gummies scattered across the floor is a sign of good parenting. :)

  4. Oh I feel for you!! We have finally all gotten over the plague, it was brutal. So I hope it is over for you soon!! And the gummies on the floor pictires are AMAZING!!!! Love it