Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer Days

Our summers are filled with busyness...we have three toddler boys!  But that also means a lot of fun.  Most of the time.  Last year after we went to Sea Island, Georgia, we invested in some bike equipment.  I think we so badly wanted to mimic our wonderful time there, forgetting that while there we were on smooth, paved roads...not the terribly bumpy, rocky ones we have here.  Oh well.  The boys still enjoy it...and enjoy the ride being over.  Jeremy took all three on a ride the other day.  Talk about a workout.

When they returned, I had a little ice cream sundae bar set up.   My parents got the coolest little one scoop ice cream maker and they let us borrow it.  I'm thinking we've borrowed it too long.  Having that easy of access to great homemade ice cream in minutes is never good for me.

With everyone getting to create their own scoop, we had everthing from coffee ice cream to ice cream with oreos, sprinkles and gummies all together.  

A fun summer evening for sure!


  1. Summer days are the best!! Btw we have two bike seats and two bike trailers... Tho we don't use all of them now that our big kids can ride on their own. That ice cream contraption looks super cool. Do you love it? Where did they get it?? I've never seen anything like it!!! But that could b dangerous in our home as well...

  2. I just tried to comment.....I don't know if it went through?

  3. A fun bike-ride followed by icecream? I'm pretty sure summer doesn't get any better than that!! :)

  4. Delish. I think I want an ice cream bar for myself!