Friday, August 1, 2014

A Few More Chicago Things (and the rest of that speech)

This is the last post about Chicago for awhile (I promise).  I just didn't want to forget any of it, and a few have asked me to post the rest of my Maid of Honor speech.  So, here goes...

Sophie traveled brilliantly.  She made it through a round trip flight (and a 6 hour delay) without people even knowing she was on board (minus the little lady who bent down to sit next to us, realized we had a baby and hopped up out of that seat like it was on fire).  

The hotel greeted us with a Sophie-sized tub..

The first night we were there was the one night that was free before the wedding festivities were in full swing, so we took advantage of the time with a little...
It really does live up to all the hype.  I foresee it becoming a regular stop on future Chicago visits.
Enjoying one of the last evenings with Rozann as a "Carter" - it was a great time with my husband, parents, and future brother!

We get a little animated when we talk.

And, what's a trip to Chicago without a little Bongo Room breakfast? (Our trips are all about food).

I don't think I'll ever be able to venture away from the white chocolate pretzel pancakes...

Jeremy got Strawberry.

And, we did a few other things, but I left my camera in the room.  I did make sure to get the boys what they requested, "some of dose cupcakes with a circle dot on top!"

However, this is how they ended up after a long flight.  Oops.

I don't think the boys even noticed.

Chicago, we'll be back!

And, here's the rest of the speech:

"I don’t know how many of you know this, but five years ago, I was sitting in Rozann’s place right now and she had arranged as part of her speech to have all of our cousins join in singing their rendition of Michael Buble’s 'Everything.'  Awesome, I know.  To top that would be impossible.  Typically, if you’re trying to “top” something Rozann or Sean does in terms of generosity and thoughtfulness, you’re in for disappointment.

So instead, I sent out an email to a few married friends asking their favorite thing about marriage or their best advice for making marriage work.  So many said the greatest blessing is waking up every day to your best friend.  In terms of advice, there was everything from “marry a younger man” to “laugh often” and “pick your battles.”  

I asked for this advice because honestly, I don’t have much of my own to give you.  I’ve been in this for five years, and I still feel like I don’t know enough.  Or maybe I do know all of this and just have a hard time practicing it.   Any advice I give only stems from things I wish I did better myself.  So, I will say this:

Rozann, when you and Sean lay down for bed at night, and he falls asleep much faster than you do, and the snoring begins…instead of going in crazy, psycho mode and pelting him, buy yourself some ear plugs...and be thankful you have someone to sleep next to.

Sean, when something in your home needs fixing, and Rozann immediately calls her Dad, know it’s just out of habit and she needs help turning to you for all things manly from here on out...Rozann, make Sean your go-to.

Rozann, when he gets a cold, or a fever, or any kind of sickness and acts as if he may die right then and there (and for the next four days), give him the sympathy he needs.  Because his mom is a phone call away, and she will if you don’t...Sean, let Rozann become your primary caretaker.

 Sean, when she’s visibly upset and quiet and you ask her what’s wrong, don’t settle for her answer of ‘nothing.’  Push a little harder, and then just hug her through whatever it is...Sometimes she’ll just need to know you’re there and will love her through it all.

You are each other’s everything.  And you should be.  However, remember who your God is and who your spouse is.  Spouses disappoint.  Spouses fail.  Spouses will never fill the place in your heart that only God can.  So, in keeping with that advice I received…keep God as your center, say yes to every cross He allows to come your way, and lose yourself.  Because while your spouse should never be your god, your spouse is the one whose job is to get you back to God.

With that, I love you and know that all that really matters is said here" (video)… 


  1. Beautiful speech, my dear. And the photos, as always, radiate love and affection.


  2. Beautiful speech :) The food? Oh my goodness! I kept thinking how much you must have enjoyed eating minus so many little hands to help at the dinner/breakfast table. I never know how to slow down when I'm without a little one. It takes awhile for me to realize I don't have to gulp by enjoy.

  3. Oh my gosh I love girl and the goat!!! And of course the Bongo Room is always a must! What a beautiful speech, for such an amazing couple!

  4. That speech could bring tears to my eyes. So special!! And those crushed cupcakes that the boys loved? Just too cute! I love how they didn't care and how they devoured them anyway!! :)

  5. Phenomenal! I loved that speech, Britt. Thanks for posting it :)