Monday, August 25, 2014


Our summer friend starts college today.  We miss her.  

Back up six months.  I had asked this sweet young lady to babysit for me and my cousin's kids (a total of six at the time) for an evening.  Not only did we come home to happy children, but the house was just as we left it (or cleaner)!  When I asked her what her summer plans were, she said she was looking for a job.  Without even thinking much about it, I told her that if she didn't find something five days a week that we'd love to hire her for one day a week.  I didn't give much thought to our means to do so, nor did I think she'd take me up on the offer.

Then May came, and I got a text saying she'd love to come over on Tuesdays this summer if the offer was still available.  I was having Sophie the next week, and knowing that I'd need help in recovering and trying to be available for the boys, too, I said, "Yes!"  However, I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a bit nervous.  I thought I'd feel guilty being in my own home doing things while someone else was watching/playing with my kids.  I thought I'd have a hard time letting go of that control or the need to be a good mom (what I found synonymous with handling my own children all hours of the day, every day of the week).  I didn't know what would happen in the moments of silence when the boys were napping - would I have things to talk to her about or would it be awkward?
That first Tuesday came, and all fears quickly subsided.  She took the boys outside for the majority of the morning while I figured out things with Sophie.  That afternoon while everyone napped, she helped me plan some summer activities for moments of downtime with the boys.  We talked about her hopes for college, her plans for the summer and the "good ol' days" when I used to be her babysitter.
What I quickly realized was that she, and her services, were a Godsend.  He knew just what I needed this summer, and He provided.  Kimberly (Kim-a-nee according to John Paul) quickly became a much-anticipated blessing every Tuesday.  The boys adored her.  In fact, last week when I asked Peter to get in the car to run errands with me, he said he'd rather stay home with Kimberly (too bad she wasn't available that day).  While they loved playing with her, I loved the company.  I knew my boys (and Sophie when she got a chance to spend time with her) were in wonderful hands.  She treated each of them as I would, and I think I even learned a thing or two from her about handling various situations.  She expected great things from them, and they lived up to it (most days).  She was everything I hoped for and more.

More than that she was a friend for me, too.  Although much younger, she is wise beyond her years.  We chatted about life, about various trials, and about hopes.  She shared things with me and I with her like we'd been friends for years.  Her Tuesdays inspired me to be a better mom, and I'll be forever grateful for her help, her love for my kids and her friendship.

Kimberly, we know you'll do great things where you are now, too!  And, we'll be sending you a few goodies from time to time to make sure you don't forget us.  Thanks for everything!


  1. This is so fun, Britt!! I used to do a similar thing for Audrey and her kids and it was just the biggest blessing for me. Love that she was so fun for your boys.

  2. We had a similar experience with a wonderful college student who helped us out this summer and last. Such a God-send for me and my kids! I have stayed in touch with sitters as they have graduated, and it is so rewarding to see how we shape each other's lives as we grow. Definitely part of today's proverbial village.