Thursday, August 28, 2014

Whole Parenting Goods

A few weeks ago, at The Hundred Event, I met Nell.  She blogs at Whole Parenting Family. She could not be nicer!  Knowing no one before I went, she was the first person I met, and immediately I felt so at ease.  She's one of those people who makes the person she is talking to feel like the most interesting, important person in the world at the time.   She's lovely, witty, intelligent, kind and sweet as can be.  On top of that, she has a precious Etsy shop filled with handmade items!

To go a little off-track for a bit, all of my babies have been spitters.  They spit up so much that it at times looks like it could be vomit.  Gross mental image, I know.  However, it doesn't stop.  After multiple outfit changes a day, you just get used to the smell of sour milk.  Because of this, my favorite burp cloths have always been these.  They provide enough coverage that you can usually escape a change of clothes as well. Usually.  

Well, imagine my excitement when I saw that Nell made something very similar.  I ordered one immediately.

 While perusing her online shop, I couldn't help but think Sophie needed this, too!  So, I ordered it as well.

She also had these great hot/cold packs that looked like the perfect ingredient for instant stress relief.
They are!

See what I mean?  Cute things, useful things - all handmade!!

This is what came of it all...

If you don't follow her blog or haven't supported her shop, check both out.  She's as good as they come.  I promise!


  1. I met Nell at Edel! I enjoy her blog so much and her shop is adorable! Sophie is the perfect model! Love the skirt....I think I need to do some shopping there myself!

  2. Oh you are so so kind!!! She is ADORABLE in this!!!!!

  3. Thanks! I'll have to check these out!!! I think they will be more for my husband than for me. Spit up never bothered me much with any of my siblings, but my husband on the other hand……will be needing three cloths at a time =)

  4. Cute items :) your baby is precious. Rachel xo

  5. Ha ha ha! How adorable! See, a real live dress up doll. I"m telling you, you are gonna love this!