Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Country Kid's Swimming Pool

Jeremy cleaned out the big stock tank the other day.  When that happens around here, it means it's time for a swim.  The tank is as clean as it will be until it all happens again, so we loaded the boys in the pick-up one afternoon after Jeremy got off work and headed to the pasture for a little fun in the sun.

Peter was soooo excited.

Once we got the tubes, there was room for little else in the pick-up.  So, we had to carefully place the kids between them.

John Paul lasted about three minutes in the cold water.

The other boys were in Heaven!
Even Sophie got in for a picture.

All was well until the very end.  We were getting out and Peter decided to toss Carter's "favewit toy motocycle" into the murky water to be lost forever...or until the next cleaning.  In Carter's words his "birthday is ruined forever."  Hmmm.


  1. I remember this being some of the most fun we ever had as kids.

  2. OH my gosh! That's awesome! The pics in the truck...fantastic. What wonderful memories!

  3. I love your blog posts so much! Not only for the beautiful (and honest) way you capture motherhood... But also because you live such a different life than I do. I think that living on a ranch would be SO much work but also so rewarding!! And I love to capture a glimpse of that life, whenever I pull up your blog. :) Thank you for sharing with all of us readers!!

  4. Looks so fun! And the ending sounds just like my boys haha

  5. Oh heck yeah. I remember summer swims in the stock tank. Good times.

    I'm sure the favorite motorcycle will enjoy its time out on the open sea for the next year. :)