Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Birthday Boy (aka Man)

Tomorrow we celebrate the birthday of my favorite husband and the one my little ones call "Daddy."  Truly, he is the best there is.  He works long, hard days and comes home, barely taking a breath before spending the rest of his energy playing with the boys, holding and feeding Sophie, and loving me.

He helps with every thing around the house (on top of what he does away from home)!  He provides so I can raise our kids.  He supports me, shows the kids how to love and is an example for more than just ours. He works fervently to be who God wants him to be, and personally, I believe he's doing it amazingly well! 

He's staying home with the kids this weekend while I'm off at a conference.  In fact, he took the older two to the mountains for a little one-on-one time while my parents watched the youngest ones.  He prefers to be together rather than apart, chooses activities that bring us closer, and his favorite night "out" is spent at home.

What I cannot say, these pictures will...

I love you, Jeremy, and I cannot wait to celebrate you tomorrow (and the rest of my life)!

Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday Jeremy. You are a great father,husband and man!

  2. What a great support system you have!!!! Happy birthday Jeremy!

  3. What a great husband. And what a great dad. And what a great photographer!

  4. britt! it was so nice meeting you. your family is beautiful too. i want to do the event all over again (but... with more time to just talk and talk and talk, k?)