Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Georgia on My Mind...

Here is just the beginning of posts about our family vacation...get ready :)

For awhile, Jeremy's parents have wanted us to take a vacation together (with his brother's family, too).  Well, this year was the year, and they planned a week-long trip to Sea Island, GA.

In the beginning I had mixed emotions.  I SO badly wanted to go, but I was worried (have I mentioned I am a worrier) about getting there with boys who had not traveled more than 4ish hours in the car, let alone on a plane.  I was worried their ears would hurt, that I would be "that girl" on the plane with inconsolable, screaming kids.  I worried that it would be stressful.  On the other hand though, we never do this.  We don't take a lot of trips as a whole family, and a vacation together to the beach sounded like Heaven.  Needless to say, it didn't take much convincing.

And, you know what?  It.Was.A.Dream.  Every single part of it.  The traveling was easy (with lots of help from everyone).  The destination was out-of-a-magazine perfect.  The family time was the absolute best.  

On to the recap...

Carter and his sweet cousins and Pops.  He was ecstatic to be riding his first airplane!

Peter wanting in on the view...

I put the camera away until we arrived at Cottage 222...

With our very own pool...
and a Heavenly view of flowers and greenery...

 The swimming began at 11:00 the night we arrived.  Schedules?  Out the window - we were on vacation!!!

Peter wasn't too excited about the water...he kept a safe distance for awhile.

Sweet Sam was getting a little sun.

And Gus was begging him to get in the pool...

Jeremy and I headed to Mass at the beautiful St. William's (I didn't know there was a Saint William) while the boys enjoyed some breakfast.

And Carter was reveling in the relaxation of his new home.

 Waiting on Mom and Dad to go for a swim...

And the excitement that came along with it...

Again, Peter at a distance.

Carter showing him that a little life jacket was all he needed...

 Maybe a venture outside the yard instead...

Meanwhile, this little kid was ready for a dip...

 So to the water we went.

And he.loved.it.

I got Carter ready to get in and thought his swim shirt was a complete waste.

Who makes a swim shirt that small???  Well, the bright one then discovered it was John Paul's.  Oops.

Sarah and Sam enjoying watching the mid-drift wonder in the pool

And it was just the beginning...


  1. YAY!! I'm so glad you are back and SO glad that you guys had such a great time. That cottage? Amazing. Let's move there!


  2. After your Instagram posts I have sooooo been looking forward to your blog posts about vacation. That "cottage" (seriously - more like a mansion!) is gorgeous.

    All the pictures are gorgeous, but I especially love the ones of John Paul in the float. He looks quite content with life on the water.


  3. These photos are too cute! Especially Peter looking with suspicion at the pool, and also Cater showing Peter the water wings. So glad everything went well, and if I'm reading the forecast right, you may even be dittin' some wain soon.

  4. That's not a cottage! It's a mansion!! :) I can't wait to see more pics. It sounds like such a wonderful time!

    1. I know, right?!? I have about 10 million pics to post, haha. Really, it was the best ever!

  5. Your vacation looks INCREDIBLE!! Smart idea to post it in 5 different segments--I'm going to do that next time :) So glad the travel went well! Now you can do it EVERY year, right? Your hats are my favorite. And I think you should ask for that bike for Christmas. It would be the same on a dirt road in New Mexico!