Monday, July 22, 2013

Carter's QOTW and More...

We spent the weekend celebrating these kiddos and their First Holy Communion...

My in-laws hosted a brunch for all of the families, and it couldn't have been more perfect!  

How sweet are these cookies?!?  And they were delicious, too.

In other news, Carter has had some doozies lately:

At the dinner table with the family..
Me: Carter, eat your chicken.
Carter: Pollo.
Me: It's called chicken.
Carter: Pollo.  I will call it pollo.
Me:  Carter, it's chicken!  Just eat it!
Carter (whispering): In Spanish it is pollo.

At the brunch, he was running around and getting into EVERYTHING (as was Peter).  I was a little frustrated.  He had a fit and got in trouble.  I went into the back room to talk with him and it went a little something like this...
Me: Carter, why are you behaving this way?
Carter (throwing his hands in the air and then covering his eyes): Mom!  I jus twying to get away from all dese people!!  Here, I will wead my book and you come in and check on me evwey now and den.  Okay?
Comes by it naturally, I'm afraid.

Round two of getting in trouble and spending a little time in the baby bed:
Me (returning to the room to get him): Carter, are you ready to behave?
Carter: I so sorry, Mama.  I know what.  I jus so tired.  So, I will get my blanket and you will get in the car, and we will go home!!

Trying to load in the car for Mass, having just turned off Curious George...
Carter: Mama, I jus don't undertand.
Me: It's okay.  Get in the car for Church.
Carter (whining): But I just don't undertand!
Me: I don't care (I am such a nice mom).  It's time for Church.  You'll understand later.
Carter: But I won't!  And, you mus have patience while I learn to undertand dis.

Carter unscrewed his lid to his sippy cup for the 47th (okay, maybe 4th) time...
Me: Carter!  You know this is a no-no.
Carter: Mama, are you sad?
Me: Yes.  You disobeyed.
Carter:  Don't be sad.  It was a matake.  Please don't cwy Mama; it will make me cwy, too! (making himself cry).

Then I took a few pictures of John Paul and think there might be a few similarities between these two (me as a baby).

 Finally seeing those new teeth...

 And, that's all I've got today :)


  1. The chicken one? Killed me. I kept thinking, "Surely Britt knows that is chicken in Spanish....." Hilarious! JP's eyes are amazing. Seriously, SO beautiful!


  2. JP looks just like you!! Oh my gosh! I didn't see it before this!!
    I love these quotes:)

  3. Total twinsies - you and John Paul. I love it when babies look exactly like their parents did as babies.

    The quotes (as always) are so cute. My favorite: "So, I will get my blanket, and you will get in the car, and we will go home." OR "You mus have patience while I learn to understand dis."


  4. OH my goodness, I love reading those quotes. Too funny!! :)

  5. Those cookies are so great! And, my favorite quote was definitely the one about the blanket and going home. So sweet!

  6. Yay Carter for knowing (and using) Spanish! And for being self-aware enough to know that he's zoning out when he's around too many people. He's some amazing guy!