Friday, July 19, 2013

Seven Quick Takes...

Joining Jen for another round of...
7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 225)

1.  The boys have been full of energy lately!  What's new :)  So, I decided to let them do a little water painting (not water coloring!), and well, it was brilliant.  They "painted" the entire sidewalk, the bench, you name it.  And, they had fun!

2.  My parents celebrated their 35th anniversary this week.  They, and my in-laws, are such an amazing example for us.  We had them over for steaks.  I whipped this recipe up too.  So refreshing and delicious (I didn't use the cilantro or mozzarella though).

3.  My sweet husband got me this bike.  I LOVE it.  It isn't at all quite like riding it in Georgia on the paved sidewalks, but I don't care. :)  And thanks to Katrina, we found an awesome toddler seat to attach to it.

4.  Anyone willing to share the pros/cons of Blogher?  I don't have many readers and don't know what it really entails or if I want to find a way to make this blog more than just a family journal.  But, I'd love to hear thoughts!

5.  Check out this amazing news!!!  

A few years ago in college, I was part of the first 40 Days for Life campaign.  Well, that year and the many years following and incredible prayers from warriors has paid off.  The Planned Parenthood there is closing!  Thank you, Jesus!

6.  This little man (my sweet nephew) makes his First Holy Communion this weekend:
We get to attend!  I love seeing the little ones experience the Eucharist for the first time.  

7.  Our days are interspersed with signs of great love and those of the opposite feeling ;)  I caught one of the sweet moments on camera...

Have a great weekend and stop by Jen's for more quick takes!


  1. I hadn't heard about the PP in Bryan closing! I lived right by there in college. Thanks for sharing the good news. And your boys are so adorable.

  2. That bike is adorable! Is it restored or something being manufactured? I've been looking for one, in hopes that we can get one of those convertible jogger/bike trailer pods and take the whole family for a ride on Saturdays. That probably sounds much more pleasant than it would be!

  3. If you get any input about Blogher or other ways of increasing your readership, please pass the info along. I'm musing on the same questions. And that bike! Just like the one I had in college, although I had painted big pink and orange daisies on mine.

  4. Ooh that salad looks so yummy! I might have to try it too, also with no cilantro :)

  5. Love that last picture!!

    And my mouth is watering at the description and pic of that salad. That's on the to-try list FOR SURE.