Thursday, July 18, 2013

Random Summer Days...

It's summer and the livin's easy.  We've been playing a lot in the yard.  Carter and Peter are learning to share and so instead of taking turns on the tractor, Peter sat in the seat while Carter hung onto the side and did all the work (steering and pressing the gas).  A world of fun until they tipped over!

John Paul was trying to flip his chair over as well.

 We've had a batch of jello jigglers, or as Carter refers to them "like gummies, but not."

And we've continued our Rosary Club with our sweet cousins.  Six ranging from 7 months to 5 years. 

So very blessed indeed!


  1. Looks like he REALLY likes the gigglers! Love that picture.


  2. Mmmmm - Jello jigglers sound soooooo good!! So summery!

    And he's right - they are like gummies but not.