Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Five Favorites...

Five Favorites, hosted at

Liking up with Hallie today!

I think I'll do a theme of my five favorite baby products.  Here we go.

1.  Aden and Anais swaddle blankets and sleep sacks.  We can't live without the swaddles the first month or two of new life.  They are so thin but wrap so tightly and work perfectly for a snug swaddle.  My kids graduate from those blankets to the sleep sacks and stay in them a very.long.time.  Peter (almost two) just got out of his :)  How pretty are these colors too?!

2.  Bath Luve.  These are both inexpensive and amazing.  Have trouble with baths for awhile?  These will help.  They keep your little one warmer and happier.  I love having them the first few weeks.

3.  Nap Nanny.  I know these are off the market now, but we loved ours.  It helps with reflux, serves as an easy travel bed for awhile, and is all-in-all so useful.  I hate that there were issues with it for some.  It has been a lifesaver for us.

4.  Aquafor.  This has really been the cure-all for us.  My cousin has suffered from severe eczema for 16 years.  This is what she uses to help, and so, we do too.  It is amazing how quickly it will cure those skin irritations without any side effects.  This replaces baby lotion for us.

5.  Sound Machine.

HoMedicsĀ® SoundSpa Sound Machine
I never really wanted my kids to have to have this to sleep.  However, with three very loud little boys in the house, it has been almost necessary.  It's very portable.  And, if they need it forever, so be it :)

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  1. I'll take one of the Nap Nanny devices in my size.

    And maybe a sleep sack too. Just for good measure.

    These look like very helpful tools!


  2. Haha we have 3 noise machines and miiiight be getting a 4th if we need to separate the twins! They honestly help ME sleep better, too!

  3. WE need the sleep machines at our house too...small spaces...BIG NOISES!! We have had the aden and anais blankets, but we will look into the sack for the next one (hopefully soon :)

    1. You definitely should! It's like a blanket without the risk :) hehe, because those blankets are scary things like the nap nanny ;) Seriously though, I love them! And, I hope it's soon too :)