Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Five Favorites...

I think it will become apparent this week that Sea Island is one of my new favorites, so I'm going to point out five other things.

Here's to joining with Hallie for another round.

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1.  This lotion:

It smells just like the tropics and can extend your beach vacation into the dry climate of New Mexico.  Love the smell.

2.  Hats.
I have always loved hats but have never felt like I could pull them off.  So, I've never worn them.  This week, I decided, "what the heck."  So, I'm trying to stifle my insecurities about wearing them and enjoying the fun they bring to an outfit.

I got the sun hat for vacation and the other during vacation.

3.  This Man.

 We celebrated four years last week.  Three little boys later, a career change and a move, he's still the love of my life.  Instead of "still" I should say "even more" - he's an incredible example of faith, a joyful father and a loving husband.  I'm so blessed.

4.  This Bike.
Papillionaire Sommer Bicycle
After riding bikes all week in GA, I'm trying to convince myself it would be the same here on our long dirt road.  I think it would :)

5.  Aveda Control Paste

I've tried lots of "pastes" for my short hair.  There are many out there and some are very inexpensive.  But I always find myself going back to this.  It's light and not oily looking and smells heavenly.  Win win.

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  1. You look so glamorous, hats are made for people like you. Happy Anniversary!

  2. The hat looks great! And I love that bike. I wish I was more secure on one--I had a bad bike accident at age 7 and have never really developed my "bike legs".

    1. Thank you :) Isn't the bike fun. Oh your poor thing...that must have been terrible!