Thursday, July 4, 2013

Georgia on My Mind (Part III)...

still not sure how many parts there will be

Pops took the little boys crabbing and fishing during the first part of the week.  Everyone was excited and ready to go.

Gus took great care of Peter...

The guide dropped of the crab trap baited with shrimp, and we went to the other side of the dock to fish...

Behind us was the Cloister Hotel...

Carter looking for a crab...

 "Ahh, I'll just sit heer for awhile while the others fish."

Carter's pole caught a stingray!!!

 Check out that barb!

The boys lost interest when they saw a fountain, and Carter ran up to a wedding planner outside and said, "Hey wady in da blue dwress!  May I trow some pennies????"

She said yes.

Back "home" we went to fetch John Paul and head to the Sea Turtle hospital.

After a pit stop at DQ to refuel with fries...

Our tour took a grand total of maybe 10 minutes (we're quick museum type goers) and we headed back to the Island.

Carter was excited!


  1. Love these, Britt! I can't believe he caught a sting ray!! How cool! Looks like the best trip. I'm so glad!


  2. Carter's pose at the end cracks me up!! Your boys are the CUTEST GUYS EVER.