Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Quotes, Life, and Such...

Remember those fire engine crayons Carter got for his birthday?  Well, Jeremy accidentally broke one.  When Carter saw it, Jeremy was at work.  The conversation went something like this:
Carter: Oh no, what happened???
Me:  Daddy accidentally broke your crayon.
Carter (whimpering): It was a matake.
I fordive him.
I will pway for him.

When I told him no more swimming one night on vacation:
Carter: JUS ONE more time! (holding his index figer high in the air).
Me: No.
Carter: Jus one more time!
Me: No.
Carter: Can I jus put my feet in?
Me: Sure.
Carter: You jus go inside.

Carter started swim lessons this week.  As much as he loved swimming in GA, I thought there would be no problems.  Wrong.  The last half of the lesson I returned to watch.  He was telling the teacher a plan he had (while no where near the pool), then he was crying in a corner.  When I told him we were going back the next day and he had nothing to be afraid of, this was his response:
Carter:  Yeah.  My angel Michael will jus swoop down and wescue me and deliver me back to my home.

When I told Carter RoRo was coming to visit, he said:
"YAY!  Maybe she will bwing me a truck, or some toys, or someping like dat."  
Her mission to be the aunt who always has something for the boys has been achieved.

Peter has now joined the QOTW posts.  He and Carter were having a difficult time sharing one morning (what's new), and they got in trouble.  So, after naps, Carter immediately shared a toy with Peter.  Peter looked at me with wide eyes and said:
Dood Bwuder.

What do we do for fun around here?

Play in the horse trailer...

look for snakes...

find frogs...

get new animals...

watch tv...

make things from the garden...

and things not from the garden...


take baths...

watch for rain...

and spend a little time in Big Red...

Life is good.


  1. I feel like there is just too much good in this one post for me to comment on it all.

    1. You guys are clearly doing such a great job with the boys when Carter prays for Daddy the crayon breaker and knows that Michael will come save him. I love it.

    2. Peter added to quotes of the week? My life is complete.

    3. Peter's face when he is looking at the frog? Kills me.

    4. Love the picture of the three boys watching tv!

    5. The watching for rain picture? Amazing.

    6. I'm going to need you to have Big Red at my wedding some day because I want pictures in it. LOVE.


  2. I love all of these!!! Except the one with the snake. Nothing to love there.

    Those caprese kabobs look amazing...and is that pesto on them?? Pesto and homegrown tomatoes are my absolute favorite!!


  3. You make being a mom sound like SO much fun! I can't wait to be a mom someday, and I especially can't wait for it after reading your posts. :)

    1. Oh, thank you! I have my days for sure :) Boys are fun though (as I'm sure girls are). I just love this, and so will you!