Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Five Favorites...

Joining Hallie for...

Five Favorites, hosted at

1.  A sweet surprise in the mail from two of my best friends:

Us all pregnant together, a little over three years ago (what a pose)...

You can find the necklace at AJ's Collection.

2.  My Life Planner (obviously not mine in the picture) from Erin Condren:

I love this planner.  It has so much wonderful stuff to keep organized well in advance.  2014 planners come out in July!

3.  My Fitness Pal.

It's a great/easy way to keep track of calories and join with friends to hold you accountable!

4.  Maxi Skirts:

Satin long skirt

This one can be found here.

5.  My sister's blog about entering her 30s!

and, our message to her:

Check out more favorites on Hallie's page!


  1. That necklace is SO pretty! I'm seeing all sorts of awesome mother's day necklaces that make me wish I bothered to wear any jewelry aside from my pearls! Alas, the kids are too grabby for me to get anything new :/

  2. Stopping by from 5-Favs and really liking that neclace -- and the idea of surprising friends with meaningful little gifts. Also, it's clear I need to get over my fear of small children pulling my skirts right on off and rethink the maxi skirt. So glad I stopped by!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! Don't you love it? I do too, and it makes me think I should do things like that for friends more often. Haha, clearly I hadn't thought of that - great point! Have a blessed day :)

  3. Hi friend - LOVE your necklace. I recently got one with our five children's names...but I chose a style that I can add to - hoping we'll have need to add to it in the future! And I also do my fitness pal. Well, sort of. I kinda fell off that bandwagon too - like the 30 day shred - but I stopped that one for a reason when we had a newborn and I was in my first trimester of pregnancy! :) Love seeing your favorites!

  4. So glad you liked your necklace!!! Think you too will have to figure out how to add to it :) Love you friend!