Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Dad and His Boys...

I don't talk about Daddy enough.  Sometimes I even think I take for granted the amazing father he is.  Our three boys couldn't have a better role model.  After a long day of work he comes home and without a moment to rest, he jumps right into playing with the boys.  All day long, they crave his attention...sometimes even waiting at the front door saying, "Dah Dah!"  They want to wrestle.  They want to go to the barn and explore.  They want to spend time in the shop with the tools.  They want to be  Luckily, their Dad gives them that opportunity.  He is always teaching them.  Always modeling a life for them.  Always loving them.

Most importantly, he is always loving their Mama, showing these precious little ones what it means to be married and what it means to love.

While some aren't blessed with a dad who is involved, even fewer are blessed with a dad who takes such an active role.  Someday Carter, Peter and John Paul will realize how lucky they really are.  And hopefully, then, they'll pass on that love to their babies.

Jeremy shows the boys new life and how precious creation is...

even when held upside down...

He shows them that there is always fun to be had, and sometimes it is in the simplest things...

He spends time with them every single day, and there isn't a moment they are at a loss for true love.  He adores them.

And they adore him...

He teaches them to take risks...

and to conquer their fears :)

He teaches them to be men (someday), and he is as good as they come.

We love you Daddy!


  1. This. Is. Precious. Absolutely perfect!


  2. This turns my heart into a big puddle of mush. A man who is a good father is the manliest of men. You've got yourself a good one! You two seem like a perfect match.


  3. God has truly infused your husband, your marriage and your family with His grace. AND He's given you a special gift in taking photos that illustrate grace. I love the one of the upside-down puppy!