Thursday, May 2, 2013

QOTW: 5/2/13

Our yard is huge...9000 square feet huge...and it is still dead.  So I thought it might help to rake it this week. Sometimes I think something is a really good idea, until I actually start it.  About a third of the way through, Carter poked his head outside and said:

"Hey Mommy!  If you need anyting, you jus let me know, otay?"
Me: Actually Carter, I do!  How about you get your little rake and help me rake the yard.  I would love that.
Carter:  Wake?  Umm, I tink I will jus stay in da house a little bit longer.

I don't blame him.

Carter went to help PaPa feed one day this week.  He left and shut the front door and then hurried back to open it and say:

"I love you Mom, and REMEMBER, God made you special!"

While we were eating dinner (out of nowhere)..."Mawk my words!  It's about to get rough!"

We were driving to the post office, and there was a truck heading the opposite direction.  Carter was busy asking what everything around us was.  Then...
"Mommy, what is THAT??? (pointing to a truck with big lights on top and larger than normal tires)."
Me: (not wanting to go into great detail) "It's a monster truck?"
Carter:  No, Mommy, it is talled a headache wack!!
Don't know why he even asks.

And some pics...

John Paul and his cousin Hensley meeting for the first time.  He grabbed her hand :)

Peter and Pops sharing some one-on-one time...

The boys wearing their shades (again, Carter likes to play it cool when he has something on his face)...

Not so excited about the hat...

Carter finally helping "wake" a little...

And this little man getting ready for the Derby!

*"Someday I'll be your boss" - Texas Aggies


  1. "I love you Mom, and REMEMBER, God made you special!" ------> Precious!!!

    Love the pictures and all the quotes. Carter is SO quoatable!


  2. Or quotable. Quoatable, quotable; to-ma-to, to-mat-o..... :)


  3. That last photo should get a "cute picture" prize!

  4. Aw! I LOVE Littles Speak! I can't wait to hear it around here again. I'm pretty content with hearing "mama" for the time being though. ;)

  5. QOTW are my FAVORITE!!! So precious!