Thursday, May 9, 2013

John Paul: 5 months...

It's that time again.  He's another month older!
And I couldn't pick just one picture...


Height: a little over 25 inches
Weight: almost 17 pounds

Other things he is doing (again, just for this mama to remember when more kids come, hopefully):

eating about 5-6 oz every 3-4 hours during the day
eating greens and a bit of cereal...yellows are next
sleeping from about 6:30ish-5:45 still 
wearing mainly 6 and 9 month clothes
wearing size 2 diapers 
spitting up like crazy
rolling over a lot
learning to sit up
being very vocal
smiling all the time

We love, love, love our little John Paul.


  1. He is so squishy! Sorry about the spit up--Adler is STILL spitting up...not sure why I thought that would magically stop at the one year mark. I love catching up on your blog--it makes me feel like my days are a little more normal since they are somewhat similar to yours :) much love !

    1. I hate that!!! I know...for Peter is was about 13-14 months. Bleh.

  2. You and Jeremy make the cutest boys! I predict major handsomeness when they get to be adults.

    1. haha, thank you! Anna, did you know your email is no longer linked to your comments?

  3. Time goes by too fast. How can he be that old already? But ahh... Our babe is soon to turn one. I'm not sure I'm gonna let that happen! :)

    1. Oh gosh I know. Good, but sad too. One??? Oh my.