Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our Everyday: Volume 12...

It's been another good week on the home front :)

Our Easter plants are growing (and might be tossed soon)...

but the grass on the other side of the window is not!

We made a few desserts for a Church function: German Chocolate Upside Down Cake, Hello Dollies, and Chocolate Chip cookies!

The boys didn't disappoint...

 and a new one joined the club...

Then it was 80 degrees yesterday and we played outside all.day.long.

However, Peter was a bit apprehensive (the sprinkler was attacking him).

 John Paul enjoyed it...

And the older two helped me start getting the garden ready to plant.

Finding some old carrots (and feeding them to Sugarfoot!).

Carter slept through naps and nights for three nights and he got to go pick out some balloons with Daddy.

I'm not sure if there is anything that brings this boy as much joy as a balloon!

Peter ended his day with a piece of strawberry pie (or two) from Aunt Sammie.

He was in Heaven...

and literally licked his plate.

A close-up of the battle wound from a fall on the road.

We've been moving cattle, praying for rain, enjoying the warmth and loving life!  Thankful for these days :)


  1. Oh goodness, Peter's eyes in the last picture! GORGEOUS! They are all just so so cute! And how big is your mixer? It looks enormous!!! We have the regular 5-quart I think, but I have a feeling we'll need to size up to an industrial-sized mixer once we have more kids :P

  2. Precious! Peter looks to be seriously analyzing that mixer in the first picture. Ha!


  3. John Paul is SOOO squishy! How can you keep your hands off him? My second son was like that and at age 3 he finally made it clear that his idea of a great time was NOT cuddling with mommy all day!

    I think that giving balloons as a reward is brilliant - and what cool balloons Carter got!