Tuesday, April 2, 2013


My posts have a million pictures.  I can never pick just a couple.  And, the majority of the ones in my kitchen (where we spend the majority of our time) are yellow...yuck!  I can't get it to change unless I use a flash.  Tips anyone?

On to Easter!  The night before, we let the boys help (which meant tossing eggs into the dye - messy) dye Easter eggs.  

When Easter morning rolled around, Carter was excited (to say the least) about seeing what the Easter bunny had done!

A new basketball goal (actually this was the result of some gift money for the boys from our sweet Wanda - Carter picked it out a month or so ago, but we needed to save it for a special occasion)!!!  Thank you, Easter bunny Wanda :)

Then we had some Easter pancakes (thanks to RoRo and Sean)...

and a hunt at home...

We went to Mass and had to get a picture afterwards.  Our wonderful priest held John Paul for a bit...future vocation????  Maybe so!

The best of the family pics.

Then we came home to this.  Oh how I love Easter grass.

Peter and I made brunch...

among other things, some strawberry shortcake...

and eggs in a nest...

What a blessed Easter with each other, celebrating our Savior!


  1. I love all the photos that you include! You're an excellent photographer. My favs (besides, you know, all of them): the one of Peter helping you make brunch and those eggs in a nest - YUM!!


  2. Hi Britt! I love your blog even though I never comment! I just got a new camera for my bday in Feb. and was having the same issue. Maybe try playing with your white balance (WB). If you have it set on auto you might try tungsten or one of the other options instead until you find a setting that is less yellow. Let me know if it works!