Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our Everyday, Volume 10...

Last week, Holy Week, was a busy one for us, but it was so wonderful.

We watched a bit of the Pope's Chrism Mass (and attended no local services but Easter Sunday)...thought I would spare the other parishioners from the post-bedtime, inability to sit still drama for more than an hour long Mass.

Carter and Peter played outside on those few beautiful days we had.  I looked out to see Carter pulling Peter in the wagon.  So sweet.  Oops, then he was dumped.  

Then, we made some bran muffins.  It's a great recipe and lasts 6 weeks in the fridge...can't beat that.

Peter even likes them...

Then, two of the boys' best buds came to visit from Chicago...

Peter even shared his Cheetos...

And Carter showed them how the "turly" (curly) slide was done.

Lessons on the skooter...

and rock climbing aspirations.

Then on to some Sugarfoot riding!

And, this.  It really doesn't get much better for a mom.  Peter on Daddy's shoulders, and Carter with Sean.  When someone loves your kids, can they really do anything wrong?  :)

Our everyday was quite extraordinary this week!


  1. Um....the last picture. Well, you know. That's all.


  2. These melt my heart!! I especially love the ones of you and Peter laughing, with Sugarfoot.