Monday, April 1, 2013

The Day After...

This is my sister...commonly known around here as RoRo.  She's also my best friend (right in line after my husband, of course).  And, she's two of my kids' Godmother.  She came home for Easter, and she left today.



I know it might sound a bit dramatic to some, and things really aren't too bad.  But, the day she leaves always makes me sad.  She has a wonderful job and friends in the city.  She is happy.  And, I love visiting her.  I call her when she's not here and get her life advice, share funny stories, and tell her how much I love her.  She always knows just what to say, and I love our chats.  But, to be honest, many days I wish she lived right next door...and my boys do too!

When she's here, we can't be quiet.  We interrupt each other, not meaning to, hoping to get in everything we need to talk about and not waste a minute.  We laugh, have deep talks, play with the kids, visit other family members, hug often and soak up every. single. minute.

Then she's gone.

And, I'm not sure when the next visit will be.  I know that there are things way more serious in our world, and I'm so lucky to even have a sister, much less one I love so much.  I also know that it is probably harder on my parents that she's far away.  However, the day after she leaves seems to always be a bit of a downer.

RoRo, you are loved and missed, and I'm already excited for the next time we're together!  Thank God for you, sweet sister.


  1. I love this! And I love you girls. Thank you for sharing your RoRo time with me!


  2. Ah, I love this, too! LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!

  3. You and your sister are both gorgeous. This post made me really lonely, though. My sister is also my best friend, and we talk together almost every day, email, texting, phone, everything. But she is thousands of miles away, and nothing beats time spent together. And on top of that, she has an amazing and beautiful children who are all best friends with my kids. It breaks all of our hearts that we can't live next door and have the full benefit of that day to day relationship.

    1. You are so kind, thank you! I know...I absolutely hate it! But, there is a reason for it, I guess??? Maybe it makes us closer :) Thank God we have these relationships!

  4. Sitting at my desk at work (don't tell Fr. Steve I am checking blogs), missing my sister like a crazy lady, so i decide to peek on the ol' Fisk Files to get a Fisk Family Fix. And I discover this.

    You, my friend, are an absolute saint. I don't just want to be around you. I NEED to be around you. I think maybe my whole salvation depends on it. This is serious business. In the mean time, you know what? Let's talk incessantly. Turn of the sound on your phone, cause it might start to get annoying. Virtual coffee date? Don't mind if we do.

    I miss you so so much!!

  5. I love her, too! I'll give her ample hugs for you, Britt, although my hugs are probably a lot squishier than yours ... and smell like chocolate.

    1. How did I not know you had a blog until Just.Now???? I have seriously been missing out.

      Squishier? No. Chocolate? Can you get any better? Squeeze the life out of here :)