Monday, October 3, 2016

See Kai Run: The Kids' New Shoes

If you have boys (and maybe girls do this, too), and they're anything like mine, they're always asking a few things when we have to find new shoes: 1) Will these make me faster? and 2) Will these make me jump higher?  I don't know why but I always say yes.

Well, the sweet people at See Kai Run offered to send the kids new shoes, and boy were they ever excited!  Sweet John Paul still doesn't understand the concept of ordering something online and having to then wait for it to come.  He thinks that if we drive to the mailbox right after the order is placed, whatever we've ordered will be there.  So, every morning he asked when his new shoes would arrive.  Then, last week, after naps, he woke up to this:

The best thing for everyone is I finally relinquished a bit of control and let them pick out their very own shoes.  I really wanted to give my opinion but decided not to (except for Genevieve's), and I'm glad I didn't.  Because, they are so very proud of what they picked!

Initially they didn't even want to take them out of the boxes in fear of them getting dirty.

Sophie was so excited to help Genevieve with hers!

Then, we went outside for the big test later that evening...
Aren't Sophie's adorable?  Maybe my favorite out of the bunch!

Carter feels he now climbs higher...

Peter says he is definitely stronger with his on...

If it's possible Genevieve's might make her cuter than she already is...

And, John Paul, well he says these green See Kai Run shoes make him the fastest ever!

See Kai Run started a little over ten years ago when a mom, just like me, was on the quest to find the best for her kids.  For her, it was a shoe that was the best in health and design.  When she didn't find it, she made it!  And, they really are great!  They're comfortable, functional and the kids love how "cool" they are!

And, my kids are hard on shoes.  Whether they're chasing cats, running down the caliche road, or helping Dad with the cows, these shoes work!  Carter says he can't wait to go on a hike in his.

But, there's more!  Not only did this momma seek to create an amazing shoe for precious little feet, she's using See Kai Run to help little ones with special needs be accepted for who they are, with a percentage of sales going to help a local nonprofit.  That makes me feel even better about getting behind this brand!

One more great thing for this behind momma...none of these have to be tied!  We all love them...

...even Gen.

Take a peek for yourself here!

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