Monday, October 10, 2016

Our Morning Litany: Other Side of the Fence

Our days can be a little chaotic sometimes.  With our new homeschooling adventure, I try to bring as much order to the mornings as possible.  Some days are better than others.  But, we always start in prayer.  Even if the prayer(s) are scattered with one child already needing a potty break, another only mumbling and still one just trying to get the others to laugh, I feel like God appreciates our efforts? Right?

So, when Gina asked if she could make our family our very own Litany of Saints, I almost didn't even let her finish asking before I said yes.  
Isn't it beautiful?

And, as you can see, I'm not great about decisions.  So, we have maybe a few more saints on here than most, ha!  I still think I could add another ten or so and be good.  Right now, we have the following: all of the patron saints of our children, Jeremy and my confirmation saints, and Mary...who I probably call upon the most during the days.  I was soooo tempted to put the name of our newest patron saint for this little guy in January, but since we aren't 100% sure, I refrained.

Gina is a fellow Catholic, blogging friend and Blessed is She writer.  She is one of my blogging friends who I immediately felt connected to when I "met" her online.  She is a mom of six beautiful children!

When she's not homeschooling, making amazing homemade goodies, sewing, or navigating the everyday surprises of motherhood, she's creating beautiful prints and litanies at her new Etsy shop: Other Side of the Fence.

Gina told me that she wanted to create these beautiful litanies for families as a reminder to call upon the saints to carry our prayers to Christ.  Who better to have praying for you?  

So, I'm about to frame this beauty and place it in the center of our dining room table where we begin our school mornings.  Each of the kids (maybe with a little help) can call upon their patron saint as we pray with the help of this beautiful litany.  

And, you can have Gina create one for you as well!  Today she's opening up her shop for custom orders!  The first ten orders will receive free shipping, too!  Grab one while you can!  For you...your best friend...your sister...or just anyone who could use a little extra prayer.

God bless!

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