Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mid-week Likes & Links

I might be staying alive via this these days.  

I know so much worry surrounds the next month and election results.  Before then, maybe you should listen to this.

A friend told me about these party favors, and they did not disappoint.

I've wanted to get these for the girls forever, and I finally caved.  They're the cutest!

I finally worked out, thanks to this.

Are these not the cutest things?  My aunt is making a version of them!

I'm currently deciding between these shoes and these for my last two weddings to photograph this year as I carry a few (read a lot) of extra pounds.  I know, I know --- so cute, hehe.  Maybe my legs won't look like tree trunks by the end of the night.  They probably still will.

Need a miracle?  Let's start this novena today.  

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