Monday, October 17, 2016

Peter - The New Five-Year-Old

A few weeks ago, when I asked Peter what he wanted for his birthday dinner, he quickly replied, "A Thanksgiving feast!"  Just to make sure I was understanding him (and kind of hoping I wasn't), I asked exactly what that meant.  "Well, you have beautiful plates, and candles, and then turkey, and ham, and 'smashed potatoes' and...oh, a blue cake."  He knew exactly what it meant and exactly what he wanted.  The blue cake was an addition.

So, luckily my mother-in-law was getting rid of her grandmother's china.  And, Mom let me have some of her grandmother's.  Done.
I thought this would be a fun blue cake...
And, we couldn't find a turkey, but Mom made a chicken, and we also had ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, a relish plate, and croissants.

Did I mention pickles?
Peter was SO excited about his "beautiful meal."

Come to find out, what he really wanted to do was eat a turkey (in this case chicken) leg.  I think it was the entire reason he asked for a Thanksgiving feast.

Then we quickly had cake and moved on to better things...


It was the sweetest thing this year...he just kept repeating, "Thank you to everyone for my beautiful birthday!!"
And, this little guy never even asked for his own present (which is a far cry from his reaction to Carter's birthday this summer, ha)!

He went to bed last night saying he couldn't wait to have a Thanksgiving birthday next year, and every year after that!  

We saved one last present for his actual birthday this morning - a retractable fishing pole and tackle box!

Fishermen are tough.

And, we went to Gracie's for a smoothie and breakfast!  

Who knows what the rest of the day holds...most of the kiddos have colds.  But, we're so thankful for this little 5-year-old.  


loves to fish, 
prefers to wear only polo shirts and jeans, 
is so very kind (even though he does his fair share of teasing and fighting, he always is willing to give in, even letting his brothers open his birthday presents), 
loves to be outside, 
enjoys riding his horse,
is a huge fan of Allsups' burritos (me too), 
wants to do everything on his own (including no help when hurting), 
prefers not to be cuddled much, 
loves to draw and write, 
is a bit quieter than the rest,
and is one tough little guy.

We are so very blessed to have had another wonderful year with our sweet Peter!

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