Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Potty Training

As a parent, one of my least favorite things to do is potty train (well, the worst thing is dealing with throw up).  But what's funny is that I don't mind the accidents.  I just hate having to remind them every five seconds to tell me when they need to go potty until they get what it all means.  By nature, I don't talk a ton.  Well, those close to me might disagree, but I like the quiet.  So, to have to say "Tell Momma when you need to potty" over a few hundred times a day for three days (or more) isn't my favorite!  Silly, I know.  But, true.

We've always used Lora Jenson's 3 Day Potty Training.  But, I never threw the diapers away.  I knew I'd have another kid who would use them.  Also, I got to a point where I used pull-ups for nights and sometimes naps, because I got tired of washing.  However, I loved the fact that it was a very positive method.  For the most part, it worked well for all of my kids.  I trained the older two boys at 22 months.  I think John Paul was more like 24 months.  And, Sophie is 20 months.

I first wrote about the potty training method we use here.   That was when I was training Carter.  It took awhile for him to get the hang of things.  I mean, he had 17 accidents the first day!  However, when he was trained by the third or fourth day, he was pretty much trained forever.  Peter did well during the day, but not so much at night.  He's fully trained now.  John Paul...well, he's way too busy and goes through spurts where he almost never makes it to the toilet in time and spurts when he never has an accident.  He's been the toughest, and we finally put him back in a pull-up at night.  Not worth it for me to have to wash sheets all the time.

Then, enter Sophie.  A couple of months ago she would say she needed to go teetee (what we call it - is it TT?  who knows). And, so when it was convenient, I sat her on the potty.  I wasn't ready to start. I wanted to clear the calendar for a three-day weekend in order to solely focus on training her.  Well, a month or so later, she started taking her diaper off.  I couldn't keep it on even if I put her in overalls. One nap she woke up without it and with a wet bed.  I forgot planning a three-day weekend, and I just put her in undies that afternoon and began right away.  I think she had maybe three accidents total. And, she has yet to be wet at naps or night.

So, for all of those who asked for tips...I'll send you Sophie.  She basically trained herself and was a dream.  She changed my thoughts on potty training :)  And, there's not much cuter than her little bottom in undies, ha!

Bur really, for tips...I'd just say don't get discouraged.  If your little one shows signs before you're ready, "run with their enthusiasm" as someone told me.  I put them in undies at naps and night for a good week or two so they wouldn't get confused but when the sheets kept being wet after those naps and nights, I didn't stick to the no pull-ups rule.  And, really, they eventually learn to hold it.  I've heard some say they've waited until their kids are able to do it all on their own...climb on and off the potty, etc.  Sometimes that might mean they are three or older before they want to start.  For me, I'd rather not wait.  To each his own.  In the end, I'd say to just remain positive and do what works best for you and them!  

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