Friday, March 11, 2016

10/52: Crafting

John Paul received a Koala Crate subscription for Christmas from his Mimi.  But, everyone enjoys we pulled one out this week.  We got to make a rain stick and a butterfly.  We're hoping the rain stick entices a little moisture around here, ha!  I'm not the most crafty mom (I think I've said that a million times), and I'm quickly "over" it - so it's been nice to have these little crafts completely ready to go.  Plus, they don't take too long.  They're perfect for us, really.

Carter // 5 - Putting together the rain stick.
Peter // 4 - He was in charge of the butterfly with John Paul.  He worked so hard to make sure each side was exactly alike (sometimes his attention to detail amazes me).

John Paul // 3 - Meanwhile, John Paul was sticking all of the stickers to himself rather than the butterfly. 
Sophie // 1 - And this one was somewhat disinterested.
Genevieve // 15 weeks - So, she went to hold her sister.

Have a great weekend!

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