Thursday, March 17, 2016

11/52: The Lenten Pretzels

I'm doing this a littler differently this week.  I'm adding more photos than just five.  Rule breaker.  Oh well.  Yesterday we made pretzels.  My sweet friend, and the kids' babysitter, Zoey, was on Spring Break so she came to help out for the day.  She made the activity even better!  Carter and Peter were so excited about making them that they didn't nap.  John Paul was so tired that he didn't make the pretzels, nor did he want anything to do with the photo-taking.  Sophie made an odd shaped flatbread out of the dough.  Regardless of what each one looked like, they all tasted delicious.  We use this recipe in case you want to try some yourselves.

We also talked about why pretzels are significant during Lent, and I love this little explanation and prayer.  It made me think my fasting that I've done this year might not be as hard as I thought it was at times.  Can you imagine how they used to meat, dairy, or eggs.  Maybe it's time I amp my fasting up?!

When Jeremy came home to have some pretzels as dinner, the boys told him all about how pretzels look like arms folded in prayer, etc.  It was just a great activity.  

Carter // 5 - he's in a stage where his greatest concern is having the "biggest" piece of everything.  So, he was trying to make the biggest pretzel.

Peter // 4 - He made a few littler pretzels out of his piece and was very proud of them!

John Paul // 3 - "I said no pictures!!!!"

Sophie // 2 - She liked to just pat the dough.

Genevieve // 16 weeks - She was a silent observer.

The kids loved them!  I did too!

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