Monday, April 30, 2012

Potty Training Success...

One of my very best friends (found here) has three adorable boys.  They all arrived before Carter, so I glean some parenting advice from her from time to time.  I've always been told that boys are typically more difficult to potty train that girls. pediatrician said that 3-3.5 years is the average age of potty training for her boy patients.

At that, I gasped.  While I know every child is different and runs on his/her own schedule, I didn't really want to have Carter in diapers for another year and a half.

Then came Erin's advice: "Do the three day training by Lora Jenson!"  Mrs. Jenson explains that 22 months has been the perfect age for her five boys, and she takes a very positive 3 day approach to get her boys into underwear and out of diapers for good.

Last Thursday night, I knew we had a free weekend coming up, and my Mom so graciously offered to watch Peter during the 1st and 2nd day (praise the Lord)!  So, Jeremy and I decided to bite the bullet and spent our weekend (literally) asking Carter to tell us if he needed to go potty.

It went a little something like this:
Friday - 17 accidents, and a wet bed after a nap
Saturday - 3 accidents, a night sleep that ended up wet
Sunday - 1 accident
Today - he slept 12 hours last night without an accident and has been a champ this morning!!

A side note: he never had a "number 2" accident!

I would say that is a success!

I realize that it won't be a perfect go from here on out, but he's done so well, and I'm so proud of him.  The size 4 diapers are now in a box for Peter - WOOHOO!


  1. Good for you, Britt! Don't believe everything pediatricians tell you... :-) All of our kiddos (so far) have been potty trained right at two. Owen had just turned two. Claire was 17 months old (gasp!) and Everett was 22 months old... I went straight to undies too - no pullups here. Those first few days are a little nutty - but after that it's smooth sailing. Congrats to you and your little man!

  2. So proud of you Carter!!!!!! What a big boy! So glad you liked this method as much as we do :) Now to clear a few days for Eli's training!! Love you and we can't wait for our visit in a few months! Ben told me when we have another baby we should name him Carter, I thought that was so sweet!

  3. We took a trip up to Gruver to my parents when I decided it was time to potty train (Isaiah was 28 months). My mom took care of Drew (8 weeks old) while I put Isaiah through my Potty Training Boot Camp! We had 3 intense days of boot camp and he left that weekend potty trained! So way to go Britt! Way to just get it done!