Thursday, April 26, 2012

In His Element...

On Monday, sweet RoRo was in town for her birthday!  Carter and Peter (and their momma) were in Heaven!  We had the best time seeing her and on Carter's end, entertaining her.

That night we celebrated her big day with a dinner at PaPa and Elley's house.  Carter got to spend most of the afternoon outside, reading books and drinking peach tea.  His life couldn't be better...


What's a party without getting to drive the Mule...

Happy Birthday to our favorite RoRo!  Come back to see us soon!


  1. I love that Aunt RoRo is texting and wearing a Bull's shirt.....just saying.

    And Carter could not be cuter!


  2. Love it! Looks so fun...I might need to get that peach tea recipe?