Monday, February 1, 2016

Time With the One(s) You Love is Always Well Spent

I don't hate Valentine's Day. I don't hate getting flower or chocolates (who does?). I didn't even hate being single on this holiday. Yes, some might say that it's more special to receive these sweet gifts on a day that your significant other doesn't have to be reminded. But, it just takes a bit of a focus shift to realize that while we should be loving on all days of the year, it can be fun to do something just a bit out of the ordinary on this one day of the year.

Beyond the red decor, dozens of roses and boxes of chocolates that you might not eat unless you poke your finger in the bottom to see what it is first, this is a day to be with those you love. For me, it means being with my husband and kids. And in that time together, it's my hope that we teach our children a bit more about loving others.

So, yesterday, we prepared for Valentine's Day by making some Valentine's for those whose days need a bit of brightening, and I've partnered with JORD to show you just how it went when we took a little time to love others through our time together as a family.

As you probably know, I'm not the most crafty, so when I can get a kit that contains basically everything I need, I'm all over it.  This year, I grabbed a few supplies from Paper Source, a box of chocolates from the dollar store, and some crafting supplies we had at home.   
I prepared a place for everyone before I called them into the dining room (that cuts down on a tiny bit of the chaos)...

And, for the part of the Valentine's that actually make them hearts!

I also wrote the notes on the bags/stickers first: "Valentine, you have a heart of gold!"

I called the boys in and we began with picking a chocolate from a box just like I used to receive as a child (although mine was a bit smaller).  It was my favorite part of Valentine's Day - knowing I'd receive a small box of chocolates from my parents.  When I was old enough to read, they would send me on a scavenger hunt to find it, and I distinctly remember finding it one year in the fireplace!  The very first piece I always ate was the chocolate covered favorite!

I let each child pick one... 

 Sophie might have gotten two.
And, just as I suspected, this happened.
Then we got busy decorating the Valentines.

Jeremy even helped!

One of the finished products...

John Paul then decided it might be a bit better to cut the chocolates before he bit into something he didn't like.

About half-way through, Peter joined us, after convincing himself in his room that he might actually have fun.

And, fun it was!

Look familiar?

Aww, look at that loving spirit.  Ha!

Then, when all was done, Sophie wanted to try on Momma's watch.  We will see if I ever get it back! JORD, maybe a kid's line in the future?

So, like I said before, Valentine's Day isn't set aside only for romantic's a reminder to love everyone, even those who don't make it very easy.  We spent our Sunday together as a family, preparing to spread a little love to those around us as we deliver Valentines to a friend from Church, the person who delivers our mail, or even leaving one in a special place for a stranger to find.  

If there's one thing I want my kids to know, it's that we love them, and we are called to love others! So instead of focusing on who will love you this Valentine's Day, reach out and show love to one might be surprised how much love will enter your heart in doing so.

Valentine's Day will be a day spent with these little ones, their Daddy and the baby who was sleeping at the time.  I could ask for a better gift!  Who will you be spending time with?

In all of this, I've partnered with JORD to give away a limited quantity of e-gift cards worth $25 each for Valentine's Day.  If you've had your eye on one of these lovely wood watches, be sure to enter to redeem your gift code.  They'll be good through the end of March!  Entering is easy; just click this link:

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Happy Valentine's Day!

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