Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Links and Randoms

So, I bought some converse shoes.  I know, I'm waaaaay behind.  I am that person who doesn't necessarily like new trends.  Then I come around when they're on the way out.  So...I'll just stick with my skinny jeans and a flannel shirt from here on out.  I bought these with a Christmas gift card, and I love them!  They slip on (but the heel on these fits to your foot, so you have to help them on), and they're so comfy!  I've heard that if you have to have arch support, these aren't the shoe for you, but I don't, and I love them!  They get me out of my Ugg slippers.  Take me back to third grade!

I also finally bought a contour palette with some of that gift card, and well, I'm still learning.  I don't want to go overboard...just add a little definition.  So, Kelsey, give me your tips!!

A little much, but maybe I'll get there.  Maybe I'll hate it.  You just never know!

Speaking of makeup, I've heard great things about morphe brushes, and they are half-off!

Just wanted to save you a migraine or two and tell you NOT to buy this Safari flashlight for your child even if you think it would make their indoor camping adventures so much more fun.  For them, yes.  For you, no.  No.  No.  

Have you seen the Brass 21 day capsule wardrobe challenge?  I really want to try it.  I've wanted to try a capsule wardrobe for awhile (see, late the the bandwagon again), but I've never made the time to just do it, and do it right.  Maybe I can this time.  Tell me about your experiences!

I just saw this on my friend's Instagram account.  I love the angel and church prints!

Humble Home Studios.  I'm obsessed.  That's all.

My sweet cousin sent me this rosary bracelet and I haven't taken it off!

Don't forget to get your $25 JORD gift card!

How sweet are these little dresses for Easter?  A brighter look than I typically like, but I might just do it!  And, I'm trying to talk myself out of these shoes for them...been looking at them way too long.

Speaking of baby girl clothes...I'm looking for simple, sweet dresses.  Not necessarily Little House on the Prairie, but not too far from that idea, like this (especially the little navy one with polka dots). Anyone have any sites where I can find some?

Okay, what are you loving these days?  A new book?  Something on TV?  Let me have it, and have a great Wednesday!

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