Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Fun Package From Chronicle Books

The week Genevieve was born, I got the sweetest package in the mail from Chronicle Books!  I opened it, took a quick look and put it back in my closet as I had a few things to do before Genevieve arrived, and I didn't want to leave the books out, in fear that the kids might get ahold of them.
Well, Genevieve came a bit earlier, and I forgot about the books...until I was putting up my Christmas decorations and found them in the closet.  I resolved to take a longer look at them in a couple of days and write about them here. 
Well, when we had our little trip to the ER with John Paul (for those of you who don't follow me in Instagram,  JP acted like he was having an appendicitis last week and we rushed him to the ER to discover he had gas.  Yes, gas.), I knew it had to be documented in this handy-dandy little record keeper.
And, I'm glad I started that day, because the next day, my one line was Sophie discovering a dirty diaper she had and me catching her before it became finger paint.  The next after that was the one in which John Paul swallowed a marble.  The next day I documented the fact that Carter drew a picture of an "anatomically correct" bull for me to put in a frame, and you get the drift.  The kids have been keeping me entertained to say the least, and this book is perfect for's just one line.  I don't have to write any more, and one line...I can handle that.
In the same box, there was this.  
I'm a letter writer.  I don't do it as much as I would like to these days, but there's nothing quite like a hand-written note.  I have a stash of them from Jeremy from the time we dated long-distance, and they are such a treasure.  How sweet is this book to keep letters you write to your children now to be opened at a future date?!
And this...genius.

If and when I am pregnant again, I'm documenting it in this book.  Look at these funny illustrations...

The last thing they sent was the sweetest book for my kiddos, illustrated by one of my favorites, Tom Lichtenheld.

The book is so sweet and it talks of parents' wishes for their children...and always wishing them more...not material goods, but more from this life...more happy than sad.

My kids love it..

You really should check this one out.

His hand really wasn't hurt.  However, I do wish I had stock in Bandaids. 

I am a book hoarder, and even though more than half of them on my shelf have never been read, I can't bear to get rid of them because I know someday I'll read them.  Right?  I'm even worse when it comes to children's books.  These Chronicle books are amazing, and I never realized just how many of them I have in my current library.  

Beyond the precious one they sent, these are some titles my kids have loved:

TouchThinkLearn: Shapes (we have a few of this series, and I love them!)

What are your favorite books? 

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