Wednesday, September 9, 2015

This and That

So, I haven't blogged regularly for months.  And when I have, it's been pretty dang boring.  Some days I think I just don't have time.  Other days I'm just not that motivated.  I teeter back and forth with wanting to put a lot more into the blog and wanting to just let it go.  But, most of it is a record for my I plug on, as boring as it may be.

A friend of mine sent me a link for a new Theology of the Body for tots.  I haven't ordered it...yet. But, what a neat resource to have!  I'm sure it will be on our shelves before long.

Ages ago, I wrote a little snippet on "What I Wish I'd Known about Becoming a Mom" on Grace's wonderful internet space.  There are so many snippets from other moms that are beautiful and too true.  Take a peek if you'd like!

Speaking of Grace, she always has the best suggestions/recommendations.  I was looking for a new pair of maternity jeans - I only like the side panel ones - and I already have a few from JBrand.  She suggested these Old Navy gems, and I am in love!  So comfy and stretchy without falling off!

I'm kind of at a point where I want to just go through my entire closet and only save the neutral things - it's what I wear 95% of the time anyway.  But, then I see this in a catalog, and I change my mind.  Can it be considered neutral?

I really want Carter to be this for Halloween.  We'll see!

We've started a teeny tiny bit of homeschooling for Carter.  Basically, I'm trying to see how I do really.  Giving myself a trial year.  I'm working with these two books and constantly thinking I should be doing more/less.  Ha!  I've read so many articles lately on focusing on play while they're still so young, but he's 5 (just a summer baby), and he acts like he wants to read (and sometimes I feel he needs to know how to write already - calm down, Britt).  So, we'll see how it goes this year.

Jeremy and I watched this movie this weekend.  Love, love, love it.

I'm on day 17 of Whole30, and really, I just want a big muffin.

Have you tried Soul Core yet?  It's a yoga workout to the meditation of the rosary, and it's beautiful.  I've only done it once (the Joyful Mysteries), but I purchased the Sorrowful and need to get on it!

Did you hear that Blessed is She is hosting a retreat in March?  Are you going?

I have a newborn shoot in a few days and I cannot wait to get behind the camera again - it's been a little while since I've done a shoot and I don't have much longer before I take time off to get ready for this baby.  So, I'm excited.

Speaking of babies, we have a boy name and are still deciding on a girl name.  For some reason those are much tougher for us.  We have choices...but too many!  In the meantime, thanks to a link Anna posted awhile back, I've ordered a couple of gender neutral things from here.

I really love this tunic.

That's all for now.


  1. TOB for tots?! Too cute....glad to hear the movie was good, we've been looking for something kinda of different to watch. I REALLY am hoping to go to the retreat too, just looking at our budget with paying off debt to see if I save really hard it can happen, darn expensive flights!

  2. I totally think the buffalo check vest is a neutral. Basic red and black, baby - goes with everything. :) Get it.

    Are the Old Navy jeans true to size? I always feel like Old Navy is all over the place on sizing (for me at least)....

  3. I love your posts :) each one of them! Family-filled and all! Hugs to you, friend!

  4. I should try SoulCore... I've tried yoga a few times, thanks to a push from the Huset Fitness gals, but it's just too zen for my tastes. I just wanted the exercise without all the New Agey stuff, you know? I'll have to keep this in mind!

  5. I'm so glad you blog! Because I miss you! But get to hear you here.