Wednesday, September 23, 2015

38/52: Black & White

Carter // 5 - I waited as long as I could to bring the kids' Halloween costumes out.  Their Mimi bought them after they picked them out.  They all wanted to be Captain Hook and nominated Sophie for Tinkerbell.
Peter // 3 - We are working on clearing our garden area and building some raised beds to be ready for the Spring.  My cousin tested it out this year, and her garden was a-mazing.  Here's to trying something new and maybe even getting into canning some of the produce!  Peter was the main man in getting some of the dirt out of one of the tanks.

John Paul // 2 - He's been asking Jeremy to play catch with him lately.  And, really, (I know I'm his mom) he's pretty good!  He loves throwing and catching and then things like tennis and ping pong. He might end up being a little athlete.

Sophie // 1 - She's been a bit tired lately.  She doesn't let her blanket leave her side (it's dirty beyond imagining), and I'll find her all over the house taking little breaks.  I remember being little and laying in the rays of sun coming through the window...maybe she'll do the same!


  1. I like the idea of using tanks for raised beds! The kiddos look so cute, as always.

  2. Absolutely stunning images! The contrast is just so good and telling <3

  3. Aww, these are all good. The pirate one is my favorite!