Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Weekend in the Mountains

After we left the raspberry farm, we headed to the cabin for a couple of nights in the mountains. The cooler weather and relaxing atmosphere was a breath of fresh air!  

As you can see, John Paul got nice and relaxed.  Pants have never been his favorite.

Sophie was content wherever the boys were...
 ...and, as always, in the arms of her Daddy.

There is an awesome little play area in the community, and we spent an hour or so there one afternoon.

Sophie even went on the giant slide, with a little help.
We took a few hikes (aka walks).

And the boys were always stopping to pick me flowers (aka grass).

They thought it was so cool how they could rub the Aspen trees and see their hands turn white.
Then, of course, we gathered up a few pinecones for decoration and maybe some craft projects at home!
We tried to start a little fire to roast some marshmallows, but the conditions weren't quite right.

So, back into the woods we went!

It's so nice to have such a quiet little retreat to go to thanks to Jeremy's parents.  We don't make it there as often as we should but we're always glad we we do!  


  1. Awww, I want to go there too! Looks like such a great get-a-way! And you need to get out from behind the lens and get some pictures with you in it lady!

  2. Oh, I love this! Especially love those shots of Sophie on daddy! Just perfect! And, YES! How nice to have such a beautiful and peaceful place to go to! My husband has been working crazy hours these last few months and has about a good month to go till this crazy deadline is met. We're hoping to plan a mini-trip nearby for some peace, quiet, and fun family time. Such a gift to have this escape! Pray we find something similar come the end of his deadline! :)

  3. Your pictures are gorgeous! And I admit to be jealous at your long sleeves since we are still sweating down here in Houston.

    I was really blessed by your reflection at Blessed Is She today. It really touched me deeply and reminded me to reach for Jesus before my tea. Thank you for sharing.