Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What They've Been Saying

Just a little of life here lately through quotes, stories and photos...

We have a Bermuda grass yard.  Needless to say, it gets everywhere.  Peter was itching the other day as Jeremy and I were trying to burn off the old grass so we couldn't get him some "medicine" aka aquaphor.  He then disappeared.  When he returned, he was greased up from head to toe and then decided it would be fun to lay in the dead grass.  I'm still finding grass on him.
I guess sleeping in the same room isn't enough excitement for John Paul and Peter.  After telling them countless times to be quiet, I decided to try to ignore their yells through clentched teeth in order to get some things done.  Word to the wise: don't ignore.  One of them might just poop on the floor.  One of them did.  It wasn't Peter.
We went to Dairy Queen on Monday to get free ice cream.  They ran out right before we got there. John Paul must have been looking for a way to show his frustration with that because he wet his pants...on one of the seats.

As we were feeding cattle (near the end of an almost three hour stretch in the car)...
Carter: Peter, I weally don't want to be fwustwated with you anymore.  I don't want to have to do this.
Peter: *grinning*
Carter: But, if you keep making that noise, I will.....I will slap you on the bobo! (bottom)

We were in one of our favorite restaurants a week or so ago.  Carter found a plant in the back with long thorns.  Turning to the waitress...
Carter: Don't touch this or it will kill you like the crown of thorns killed Jesus.
Waitress: Oh sweetie, let's talk about this.  The crown of thorns didn't kill Jesus.
Carter:  I know.  The nails did.
Waitress: Well, really, the nails didn't either.  He chose to make a sacrifice for our sins to save us...
Carter: (interrupting) and throwing his arms in the air: but the weally important thing is HE WOSE AGAIN ON DA THIRD DAY!

The boys argue a lot.  I mean, a lot.  So, Jeremy thought he'd implement a little system to try to fix it. He writes their name on the board and when they do something wrong, they get a frown (which they call a brownie face), and when they do something right, they get a smiley.  At the end of the day, the person with the most frowns doesn't get his treat (piece of candy).  It's working well, haha!  They about lose their minds when they get a frown.  They threaten each other with brownie faces.  Peter wiped his away when we weren't looking AND, John Paul cries, "NO!!!  Now a naughty frowny face!"  Our parenting book is ready to order ;)

We had a sweet girl babysitting yesterday.  Carter wanted to fill her in on his life story.  The other day he got a paper cut on his foot (or that's what it looked like).  He claimed it was a nail and acted as if it was ending his life.  I walked in on him telling her this:
Don't worry!  God sent that nail to burn in Hell.  It will never hurt anybody again.  It died.  But we all die someday.  That's life.  And, another part of growing up is getting booboos.  
I promise I don't tell him that God sends people straight to hell.

Peter's latest phrase: Where's my boy(girl) Carter (John Paul/Sophie)?"
Sophie: UH-OH!

Peter has been telling us all about "cheetos" and how they are weally, weally fast.

And for a peek at what they do to entertain us (pay particular attention to Peter in the end)...


  1. I love this! I love little quirks and perspectives that children have. My favorite is that the nail went to hell, lol.

  2. Seriously, lady at the restaurant. Carter gets it okay! Now leave us alone!

  3. oh my gosh, Carter, is hilarious! Such a smart boy :) As always your pictures are gorgeous and that one of C jumping off the bed, he's going to love that when he gets older...I wonder if boys love pictures from the past as much as us girls do?

  4. I had three embarrassing out-loud-laughs because of this post. Emily's favorite is my favorite, too.