Thursday, March 5, 2015

He's So Good

Daddy.  The kids seriously have one of the best.  He comes home from sometimes long days of work, and he plays and plays and plays with the kids.  

We got a little paper airplane book a few weeks ago, and Carter was intent on making one every 15 minutes or so.
Jeremy did.  He made all different kinds of airplanes, and when Carter asked him to fly them off the top of Michael's bed (what the kids call the top bunk - it's where the archangel Michael sleeps to protect them), he didn't hesitate.

It looks like Carter might have jumped the gun a bit.

When they want to line up cars, he does.  When they want to wrestle, giggle, rough house, or scream out all of that energy (much to my disdain), he will do it.  (Sometimes I have a hard time with all the noise, ha!)
Yet, he can also be so gentle (and stern when discipline is needed).

This little thing has just as special of a place in her Daddy's heart as the boys do, and he cares for her in a way that a little girl needs to be cared for.

When he's not playing with them, he's showing them how important it is to love me.  He helps with everything...from the household chores to bathing the little ones.  He wakes up first with Sophie in the mornings to give her her bottle.  He initiates family prayer time.  He chooses to spend his free time with us.  He's simply a good, good man.
They're so blessed to have him as a model for life...and really, I am, too!


  1. You both totally lucked out! (I feel the same way, and it's such a blessing!) I think Dads are so good at playing with the kids because there's still a lot of kid left inside them :)

  2. This is perfect! And the picture of Sophie's little belly....I'm dying.

  3. What a beautiful tribute. And these photos. Wow! Love her especially!!

  4. God has blessed you with each other! What a precious family.

    1. Thanks so much Terri! We really have so much to be thankful for! Hope you're enjoying those grandbabies!