Friday, January 10, 2014

Back to Normal

The boys have been going non-stop since I got home.  While I was gone Carter prayed at every meal...
"Dear God, please keep Mommy safe on the elevators and make her use the hand rails so she doesn't slip on stairs."  I think God heard his prayers.

I don't know if it's his age, staying inside too much this winter, or what, but he's reached a very demanding point combined with lots of whining.  Not the best combo to say the least.  However, he is my little guy who will randomly give me a hug and tell me he loves me which makes me melt.  You have to take it all together, right?

He was reading a book the other day, and exclaimed, "Look Momma, they cut his wee-wee off!"  I about fainted.  I looked at the book, and a lamb's wool was being sheered.  I asked where the "wee-wee" was and he pointed to the wool.  So, we had a vocabulary lesson.  I'm glad it was the wool.

Carter didn't really want me to leave for Chicago.  But, if I promised to return with some gummies, he'd oblige.  Well, the first night I was away, he had a problem staying in bed and following his dad's rules. Jeremy warned that if he got up again, he would call me and tell me not to bring gummies.  He got up :(. Jeremy broke the news to him, and he cried and cried.  The next morning as soon as they woke up, Peter asked Dad, "Daddy, Carter no gummies???"  Carter looked at Peter, hung his head and said, "Not dis time, Peter!"  Might be the best "punishment" yet.  Poor guy.

While I was away, the boys went with Papa one morning to check the cows.  When Papa was driving back home, Carter exclaimed, "Slow down, Papa or you'll burn yourself out!"

Peter has gotten to a really silly stage!  He runs around the house singing unrecognizable tunes, spins until he makes himself dizzy and really likes to joke around.  He also is maybe my most sensitive little guy.  He seems rough and tough, but he really gets his feelings hurt easily.  Lately, he's been trying hard to say the prayers and sing his ABCs - first sign of interest in anything like that!

Over Christmas break, he rode out to my grandparents house with my parents and my sister.  She was talking a lot, and he wasn't getting a ton of attention, so he started mumbling something over and over again. Rozann kept asking him what he was saying, and she finally understood as he glared at her and said, "RoRo, outside!!"  Oops.  

As soon as he sees Dad getting ready to go to work, he asks "How 'bout I go?"  And, he isn't content with asking you something once.  Usually it's about ten times.  He's getting really independent and likes to pick out his clothes and try to get dressed himself.  This is new to me, as Carter still lets me do most everything.  

John Paul, is getting much more vocal.  He says things like "bye bye," "Jah Pah (his name)," "cracker," "Luh you," and the usuals.  He also loves to crawl as fast as he can, climb in your lap and give big hugs.  He's a loud little guy, too.  He doesn't have much interest in walking, and I like that :)  He puts everything in his mouth and still is a relatively easy baby.  
 I've loved being a mom to these boys and know it will only get better (hard to imagine)!


  1. No gummies! I bet he doesn't do that again! :)

  2. They are soooooo cute. I just can't take it. And so smart and sweet and they have the BEST parents.


  3. HA! Love it! I know God heard his prayers when we were driving to the airport!!

  4. They are SO dang stinking cute, Britt. Seriously, they just make me happy! I'm glad that Carter's prayers worked and there were no elevator incidents. Those things are dangerous.

  5. Hey Britt - Your boys are adorable. And wow - do you always dress them alike? Amazing! Praise God for your safe travels and awesome memories. And bummer on the gummies. Our mantra around here - say it, mean it, do it. There are consequences for disobedience and those lessons are no fun for our little ones - but are easier learned at a young age and in the safety of a loving, Christian home. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Love seeing how they're all growing!